VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY – APRIL 9, 2020BLOOM/CHEF MEETS BC GRAPE – VANCOUVERVancouver Convention Centre, 999 Canada PlaceIf you're interested in BC VQA wine – and seeing how a wine tasting event works – this is a great event to volunteer at.BLOOM/CHEF MEETS BC GRAPE – VANCOUVERare BC Wine Institute event featuring a wide array of BC wineries and their latest releases.There is both a Trade component in the afternoon (Bloom) and a Consumer event in the evening (Chef Meets BC Grape)We need volunteers for shifts at:10:30 – 12:30 pm (2 volunteers)12:30 – 4 pm (5 volunteers)6 – 10 pm (6 volunteers)We will be assisting with set up, registration and coat check. We hope you can join us – it's a great event!Please contact judy@nullbchospitalityfoundation.com if you are interested.