Vancouver International Tequila Expo




On Saturday, May 12th the Tequila Expo will be raising funds for the BCHF – check out  :


About the Expo

The Vancouver International Tequila Expo aims to raise the profile of Mexico’s most famous spirit with British Columbians and with all Canadians.  Tequila has a Denomination of Origin just like those of Cognac, Armagnac, Champagne, and so many of our other beverages of choice – with intimate connections to local culture, traditions, and history in their respective regions.  Regardless of what Canadians have been led to believe, this agave spirit of Mexico is a sophisticated beverage produced by generations of tequileros across Jalisco, Nayarít, Michoacan, Tamaulipas, and Guanajuato with deep connection to their lands, the hard-working yet revolutionary ethos of their country, and with the agaves themselves.

While acknowledging that tequila also carries with it a spirit of adventure and wildness, on the night of the Expo, guests will be invited to meet a wide array of producers – many new to British Columbia – and taste their products in the classy environment of the Vancouver Convention Centre.  The Expo’s Main Event will also be accompanied by a Trade Tasting, Seminars, and exclusive Tasting Menus at participating restaurants around Vancouver.