Vancouver Agency Inspires Hospitality Industry To Support Its Own

Vancouver Agency Inspires Hospitality Industry To Support Its Own

alan sacks scott adair
BCHF executive director Alan Sacks receives a cheque from The Wine Syndicate co-owner Scott Adair.

With the holiday season approaching, The Wine Syndicate invites their fellow wine & spirit agents to join them in giving back to the industry. In lieu of a traditional holiday gift, they suggest making a donation to the BC Hospitality Foundation on behalf of their customers. As agents inform their customers of their generosity and vision, each of them will know that their staff has access to the support the BCHF provides to our industry.

The upcoming holiday season is a time for celebration and giving. Scott Adair and Jeff Curry, co-owners of The Wine Syndicate, are leading this holiday giving initiative, one that may inspire more to do the same.

In years past, The Wine Syndicate handed out traditional holiday gifts (wine, gift baskets, chocolates, etc.) to their top restaurant and retail customers. Two years ago they concluded that their time and money could be more meaningfully spent, so now they donate a fixed percentage of their annual sales to restaurants to the BC Hospitality Foundation.

Scott and Jeff launched this initiative to be able to help workers in the hospitality community that are not only their customer base, but also their colleagues, friends and extended family.

As of November 2015, the BCHF has directly supported more than 100 hospitality workers across our industry, including servers, chefs, hotel staff, brewers, housekeepers, bartenders, liquor store employees and more.

“I totally support what they’re doing,” shares Jason Yamasaki, sommelier at Chambar and past BCHF scholarship winner. “Amid a sea of gift baskets and bottles, this is a much more meaningful gesture during the holiday season.”

Joanne DiGeso, sommelier at Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler, and recipient of a 2015 BCHF sommelier scholarship agrees, “I think it’s a fantastic initiative. In today’s world, we need to rely on support from the industry to help our own. I’m excited to hear about people like The Wine Syndicate going above and beyond to support their community.”

You can watch Jason and Joanne’s testimonials HERE.

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