This year, in lieu of paper Holiday cards, why not choose to support the BC Hospitality Foundation instead? It’s a great way to share the real spirit of the season with friends and colleagues. The BCHF is a charity that supports workers in the hospitality industry facing financial crisis due to a health condition. These are the people who work in your favourite restaurants, wineries, breweries, bars, and hotels. Often with limited access to benefits or financial aid, our beneficiaries have nowhere else to turn if a health issue arises. Your support has a meaningful impact by getting them back on their feet again. In 2019 we have helped over 25 individuals in crisis. When you decide to participate in our program simply contact us at make a donation, send us your choice of design, and forward us your corporate logo. We’ll organize a personalized version of the card which you can send out, plus you’ll receive a tax receipt. Thanks and Happy Holidays!