James Ayush
Hospitality - Capilano University
Sponsored by BCRFA - Hall of Fame

I believe this scholarship is a great motivational boost that a student can receive. The scope of connecting with industry professionals and leaders and getting career assistance is the best part of this program

Amandeep Kaur
Hospitality - College of the Rockies

Felt admired and wanted to thank my college and the associates related to the scholarship for such a valuable appreciation and opportunity to show my talend and dedication towards hospitality industry.

Hospitality - Douglas College
Sponsored by Whitespot
Erin Smith

My ambitions are to gain as much experience as possible in the industry, from small to large functions. Eventually starting my own events management company and creating celebrations that will amaze people and leave a lasting impression.

Hanieh Shahizadeh Ghobadi
Hospitality - Fairleigh Dickinson University
Sponsored by KPMG

This scholarship shows that hard work, perseverance, and determination does pay off and that I have a team of faculty advisors who care and have noticed my potential, which gives me the motivation to do and to be better.

Yan (Sophie) Xu

I am appreciated to take this honor and opportunity to gain the support from my university and authorized hospitality organization. It means so much to me to receive the trust and expectation on my future career aspiration, now I am inspired to step into a new stage of mine. Thanks for giving the recognition to me and I will continue to pursue excellence.

Hospitality - Royal Roads University
Sponsored by Hotel Association of Greater Victoria
Zubin Toms
Hospitality - Selkrik College
Sponsored by BCHA

As students who are struggling to make the ends meet, a scholarship like this offers us a much needed relief and support!

Hospitality - Thompson Rivers University
Cody Bennett

The Grass Junction was the No. 1 store in Kamloops only 6 weeks after opening. Cody plans to expand and have a Smoking Lounge, Grow Operation, Boutique Bud and Breakfast Hotel, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Emily Nelson
Hospitality - University of the Fraser Valley
Sponsored by The Pacific Gateway Hotel

I'm so grateful for this scholarship and opportunity to network and grow my future business.

Pauline Bartnik
Hospitality - University of Victoria
Sponsored by Hotel Association of Greater Victoria

During these difficult times, I am beyond grateful to receive the recognition for my career and educational efforts. This opportunity reinforced my determination towards contributing to the hospitality industry and will, definitely, be a helpful reminder of the kindness of our community

Hospitality - Vancouver Island University - sponsored by Gordon Food Service
Alexandra Wilson

I would like to express my tremendous gratitude towards the sponsors and
organizers of this award. Congratulations to all the other recipients of this years
2020 scholarships.

Rose Rehman
Hospitality - Camosun College
Sponsored by Hotel Association of Greater Victoria

I feel so honoured and grateful to be the recipient of this scholarship, especially during these unprecedented times.
From my heart to yours, thank you!

Amanda Fowles
Culinary Scholarship

I believe everyone deserves to be nourished and eat well, and I would like to be a leader in the industry to follow my passions and create amazing food that everyone can access.

Mimi Ho-Tai
Culinary Scholarship

Simply put, I want to work in the culinary industry because I love food! I love making food, eating food, researching about food, hearing about peoples’ food, buying food, and being around food! It’s a passion I want to embrace and cultivate.

Bella Lafreniere
Culinary Scholarship

Ever since I was a child, my memories have always either been at the dining room table, eating and laughing and enjoying the breaking of bread or in the kitchen watching my Mom and grandmas work.

Thank you for this amazing support and recognition I feel honoured and I am very grateful!

Ben Lang
Culinary Scholarship
Sponsored by Silver Chef

I am thrilled to be selected for this scholarship, as it will go a long way in helping me continue to pursue my career as a chef. I am very grateful for the BCHF and CTS for this recognition and for the continued support they provide those in the industry.

Silvana Almeyda
Culinary Scholarship

Probably one of the top reasons why I want to be part of this industry is actually a bringing people together with (my) food. For me, there is nothing more heart-warming than making memories amongst one another with some sort of food present.

Leo Garcia
Culinary Scholarship

I love to learn about different cultures, and food is one of the best ways to do it. With this I mean everything what include food since how the ingredients grow up until how the people consume them in any meal.
Because Canada is a multicultural country, Canadian can enjoy food from all over de world and that makes me excited about studying culinarian arts here.

Molly-Marie Paras
Culinary Scholarship

A path into cooking is a very good idea because we always look for food, we always explore the taste, the flavor, and we always love to eat. I am a passionate cook. I like learning new types of dishes.

Darnell Sanchez
Culinary Scholarship
Sponsored by L' Abattoir

This is not just a career for me, but I treat it as an ongoing journey and with your help we can make a difference by sharing all the learnings acquired and putting it to action by way of food.

Carter Chanin
Chef Nik Lim Scholarship

Since starting my training and friendship with my Cafeteria Class Instructor Chef John Ludtke in 2017, my sight, smell and taste were opened up to the world of cooking and how to work individually and as member of a team.

Sommelier Scholarship

Andrew Forsyth
Carley Freeman
Diana Claxton
Jamie Wheeler

Jessica Klose
Nick Bertoia
Peter Van de Reep
Scott Mitchell
Tiago de Souza Jensen

Industry Scholarship

It’s really important for me to feel connected to nature, and in the midst of Vancouver’s hustle and bustle, I find it imperative for others to do the same. We are incredibly privileged to live on Unceded Coast Salish Territory. In that, there is a closeness to our land and the Indigenous Peoples that I hope all West Coast
residents share. I want my food to connect us to that, on an intimate and profound level.

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