Culinary Scholarship

In partnership with the Chefs’ Table Society of BC, the BC Hospitality Foundation awards scholarships to individuals interested in expanding their culinary knowledge by enrolling in programs provided by BC schools.

Important dates

APLICATIONS OPEN: From January 15 through March every year

REWIEWING PERIOD: 2/3 weeks after closing by The Chefs’ Table Society selection committee

CHEQUE PRESENTATION: Winners will be contacted and cheques presented end of May

Scholarship Partner

Chefs’ Table Society of British Columbia selection committee



Value of Scholarship


Up to 5 scholarships per year

Special Considerations

Winners are expected to work in British Columbia in the hospitality industry sector for at least 2 years after receiving the scholarship

You are NOT eligible to receive this scholarship two consecutive years

You can apply to other relevant scholarships of the BCHF Scholarship Program


  • Background

    Love for all things culinary!

  • Academic Information

    Provide copies of transcripts and any culinary related diplomas

  • Why are you applying?

    Prepare a 500-word essay on why you need and deserve a $1,000 scholarship

    Name or description of the course (s) you have applied for

    Fill out the application form.

  • References

    Two (2) reference letters from non-family members


0 Scholarships Awarded

NOTE: Should you receive an award from the BC Hospitality Foundation, as a condition to your acceptance of this award, you agree that neither the BC Hospitality Foundation nor any of its officers, directors, employees or agents shall be responsible for any and all costs and expenses (other than, but not specifically limited to, tuition and other items identified in writing by the grantor of this scholarship). Should you receive an award from the BC Hospitality Foundation, permission is granted to use your name for publicity purposes.