Richard Dittmar

Vice Chair

Richard has spent his entire career in the hospitality and wine & spirits industries. At a young age he started working at his family’s lodge in northern Ontario, later attending Ryerson University and going on to become Beverage Manager at Deerhurst Resort. His hospitality background gave him the opportunity to move to the wine and spirits sales over 30 years ago.

Richard has been actively involved in a variety of industry associations and committees over the years.   Some of these include IVSA, Drinks Ontario and the LCBO’s We Care industry fundraising committee. The BC Hospitality Foundation is an especially important cause and something Richard has become passionate for. The industry advisory committee has provided a chance to understand the purpose and people behind the BCHF. The BCHF is a unique organization and a vital part of our hospitality industry. Richard is keen to increase his involvement in the BCHF and support the great work of the board and executive team. The BCHF is playing a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic and Richard is committed to work hard to raise awareness and the ability to give back to those most in need.