Melissa McKinney

2022 Spirits Education and Food & Beverage Scholarships | Sponsored by Vancouver Cocktail Week - Lulu Spritz and Beach Bum

Scholarship Awarded: Spirits Education

Sponsor: Vancouver Cocktail Week

Scholarship Awarded: Food and Beverage

Sponsor: Lulu Spritz and Beach Bum

I’m so grateful to be in the Spirits & Hospitality industry with its strong community foundation. Receiving this scholarship is a long term blessing that I am honoured to have been chosen for. I look forward to completing my Distilling program and sharing that knowledge back into our community. Thank you very much to all those involved. The impact is great, and my gratitude is endless.

Thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful blessing! Teaching about whisky has always brought me such joy. Now by once again furthering my own education, with the assistance of the Food and Beverage scholarship, I am given the opportunity to continue learning & sharing with our community!