Kate Gonzalez

2022 - Culinary Scholarship | Sponsored by L'Abattoir

Scholarship Awarded: Culinary

Sponsor: L’Abattoir

First and foremost I am honoured to be one of this year’s recipients of the BC Hospitality Foundation (BCHF) Culinary Scholarship. Thanks to your generosity, I am able to invest in more books, as well as an updated toolbox. My dedication and passion for culinary arts has not only allowed me to freely express myself through food, but also motivates me to be a part of the change in todays industry as a young woman in the kitchen. I would like to acknowledge Northwest Culinary Academy for helping me on this journey.

The biggest test of my potential came when the pandemic began, and a lot of my co-workers were let go. Being the only cook in the kitchen at the time was a test of confidence of what I can accomplish as a young chef. It exposed me to a lot of hard challenges, such as how to adapt to different circumstances, enduring long hours, practicing patience as well as being constantly under a microscope by all the senior sous chefs. This was an opportunity for me to step up as a leader and level up my techniques with precision in the kitchen. It was my responsibility to train new cooks, coordinate with the chefs for service, and overall be the most reliable cook the chefs could trust. I was then promoted to Chef de Partie and awarded Employee of the year.