Jhonna Lyn Valerio

2022 Hospitality Scholarship - College of the Rockies | Sponsored by BC Hotel Association

Scholarship Awarded: Hospitality Scholarship – College of the Rockies

Sponsor: BC Hotel Association

Working with people, by providing professional and helpful service is something that I really want to do, and a focus for my future career in the hospitality industry. I plan to work as a hotel front desk employee in the hospitality industry in British Columbia. With career growth and development, I will work my way up to where I can utilize my skills and abilities to lead and manage people. It is also my highest ambition to eventually manage or operate a hotel business of my own. The college academic experience along with my work history will serve as a strong foundation for me.

I’m in so much awe that you considered me to be a recipient of the scholarship and I would like to give a huge thanks to the organization and to the sponsors who are eager to support people to prosper in the field of hospitality. This was such an awesome experience that I will surely cherish.