Ashley Martin

2022 - Hospitality Scholarship - University of Victoria | Sponsored by Greater Victoria Hotel Association

Scholarship Awarded: Hospitality Scholarship – Camosun College

Sponsor: Greater Victoria Hotel Association

I’m a Vancouverite born and raised, continuing to pursue my educational and career path passions on the beautiful B.C. west coast at the University of Victoria. Currently, I am a Fourth-Year student in the Peter B. Gustavson Business School Bachelor of Commerce Program. By my graduation, I will receive a Dual Specialization BCom Degree with a primary focus in Service Management and a secondary in Entrepreneurship. Since I can remember I have had a dream of getting into the business world, owning my own business, being in the hospitality sector, or gaining a high-level management position in the corporate world. Although the Covid-19 Pandemic has shifted my dreams unchanged. Personally, I know the owner of the Kingfisher Oceanside Resort and Spa and have a very high interest in taking on a marketing or management position — something I have been offered in the recent months at the Kingfisher.

My most ambitious dream would be one day taking over the resort with a small cosmetics side business of my own being sold in the spa’s shop.

Thank you very much for this opportunity and further pushing me to the hospitality sector as I approach my graduation!