Alana Dickson

Executive Director

Alana has over 15 years of experience in marketing and hospitality. She is the founder of Aurillia Consulting Ltd., a firm that provides consulting services with a focus on developing innovative marketing initiatives and business growth strategies. With her international marketing experience, Alana has successfully raised the status of clients’ brands in Canada, the UK and the USA. 

Alana is no stranger to the non-profit sector. She served on the board of directors for United We Can, was a member of the BCHF Industry Advisory Council and fundraising partner. She believes that every person should have access to financial help when they need it most. She is passionate about expanding the reach of the BCHF to help more hospitality workers with health conditions. 

With her entrepreneurial mindset and strong background in marketing, Alana’s goal is to make the BC Hospitality Foundation a recognized name across British Columbia by engaging new audiences through digital media campaigns, educational programs, and strategic partnerships. 

Alana enjoys travelling, unexpected food and wine pairings, live shows (especially the symphony) and reading.