In May of 2012 the BCHF heard that Bruce James, who works as a bartender at Doolins Pub, was facing financial hardship due to a medical condition.  James’ friends and coworkers organized a fundraiser to help him through the crisis, and the BCHF matched $3000 raised by the event.

Six months later, when Bruce was in better health after receiving treatment for his illness, he astonished us by planning another fundraiser with the goal of paying back the money we had given him with no strings attached. Held on November 18 2012, the “Magic Bru” event at The Cellar nightclub was a smash hit.  The evening featured the lusty talents of the VanDolls Burlesque team, who entertained the lively crowd with their sensual and sassy stage show.

The highlight of the evening came when Bruce himself appeared in saucy police officer apparel and did an onstage striptease, accompanied by two coworkers, Mark and Greg.  We’re amazed that Bruce, who is still recovering from his illness, would strut his stuff to raise funds to give back to the Foundation – and that he looked so good doing it!

Host David Quinlan told guests about the serious motive behind the fun event, and how the BCHF can make a big difference in the lives of hospitality workers.  Funds raised at the event allowed Bruce to give back the $3000 he had received from the BCHF so that, in his own words, the Foundation can “pass it along to someone else.”

We salute Bruce’s generous spirit, and we find his actions inspiring.

Thank you Bruce: “giving back” never looked so good.

High resolution photos available at the link below