Let’s Help Meg Get Back On Her Feet

Let’s Help Meg Get Back On Her Feet

Meg Hanover, a veteran of the restaurant industry who most-recently worked at the Washington Avenue Grill in White Rock and the Cactus Club Cafe in Vancouver, suffered extensive injuries resulting from a car crash in Vancouver this past August. The BC Hospitality Foundation is matching funds raised via her GoFundMe page, 50 cents on the dollar, up to $5,000. By supporting Meg’s fundraising page, and spreading the word, we can turn $10,000 into $15,000 or more.

Support Meg via her GoFundMe page HERE.

Meg Hanover will receive support from the BC Hospitality Foundation as a result of a serious car accident.

Meg’s Story:

Meg Hanover was involved in a serious car accident on August 15, 2016 in Vancouver’s Massey Tunnel. According to her sister Andrea, “her list of injuries is extensive and includes concussion, dissected carotid artery in her neck, shattered elbow, four broken ribs, internal trauma to her liver, spleen, bladder, kidney and lacerations to her pancreas. She has broken her pelvis, separated her pelvic bone, fractured the tibia in her right leg, along with two broken fibulas, fractures and broken metatarsals in both of her feet and most of her toes.”

Funds raised via the BCHF and the GoFundMe page will support her through the next few difficult months as she continues her recovery in Penticton. Despite her extensive list of injuries, Meg will likely be able to walk again in approximately eight months, but for now she is unable to work and provide for herself. The financial support she receives will help to cover her living costs and other expenses, so that Meg can focus on recovery, rather than on how to pay her bills. The support reduces her emotional stress, compounded by her physical trauma.

Through the GoFundMe page, Andrea shares, “Although it is going to be a very long road to recovery, we are so extremely lucky to still have Meg with us after such a horrific accident.”

Meg has worked in the restaurant industry since 2004. She worked as an assistant manager and server at the Barking Parrot Lounge in Penticton (at the Penticton Lakeside Resort), and in various positions as the Cactus Club in Vancouver for nearly five years, before taking on a job at White Rock’s Washington Avenue Grill. Meg was in the process of moving from Vancouver to Penticton at the time of the crash.

With the help of the industry and our community, we can support Meg until she’s back on her own two feet.