The Go Golf Team just returned from Vegas – they played 15 rounds of golf, 1224 holes  !!!

The first two days, March 2 and 3, were sunny days, decent golf weather. But March 4, the weather turned on them – the temperature never got above 12 degrees, with every morning at freezing level. When they teed off at 7 am each day, it was cold. Then, the wind picked up and according to the golfers, gale force winds! Playing into the wind most rounds, made it tough golf, some lost balls in canyons and a few other challenges. Then, of course, it rained two days… (Las Vegas gets 15 days of rain a year – two of them just happened to be on the GoGolf 4 BCHF foursome).

The team are very tired , happy, content, pleased they made goal and thrilled they raised funds for the foundation.  On their return the four of them went straight home from the airport, and all four went straight to bed.

Thanks to the team, their sponsors and their greatest supporter and publicist Dawn Donahue.