Facts about getting help

Q: Do I have to live in BC to benefit from the fund?

A: Yes, beneficiaries must reside in British Columbia to be eligible.

Q: I work in the hospitality industry, but my wife does not. If she becomes critically ill, can we apply to the foundation for support?

A: Yes, if you work in the Hospitality Industry and a need arises for your spouse or child you can apply on behalf of them for support.

Q: All I have to do to receive a cheque is fill in a form, right?

A: No – the application is only part of the process. After the form is filled out you will likely be interviewed over the phone in order to come to a final decision which will include more detailed questions.

Q: Can I combine a financial award from BCHF with my extended medical plan?

A: An extended medical plan and financial assistance from the BCHF are unrelated. If you receive benefits you may not qualify for support from the BCHF unless the critical and immediate financial need is not covered by the benefits. The best way to know if you qualify is to apply.

Q: Does the BCHF cover lost wages?

A: No, the BCHF does not cover lost wages.

Q: I’ve worked in the hospitality industry since I was a teenager but now that I am in my mid-20s, I want to pursue an education in computer technology. Am I eligible for a scholarship?

A: No, scholarships are awarded to students enrolled in a qualifying program in the hospitality industry. Check out our scholarship page.

Q: I work for a company that mainly sells supplies to hotels and restaurants.  Am I eligible for support?

A: If a person’s livelihood depends on the Hospitality Industry they may be eligible. The best thing to do is apply and find out.