Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel donates to BC Hospitality Foundation

Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel donates to BC Hospitality Foundation

The Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel was very activie last year fundraising for us. Fundraising that was done by their employees for their employees for a grand total of $5,365.30.


Fundraising activities were fun and gave back to the people who work hard every day!

Fairmont Fit Sales:

Fairmont Fit is the athletic wear that our hotel provides for our guests. On January 2017 and February 2018, we decided to hold two sales where our colleagues were able to purchase old Fairmont Fit wear at a discounted price. With both sales, we raised a total of $972.50.

50/50 Draw:

We held two 50/50 draws for our colleagues in 2017: one in June and another in September. Each sale lasted for a week and a half where colleagues from all departments were eager to participate and the lucky winners were announced afterwards. Between the two draws, we raised $940.

Suitcase Party:

For our annual Suitcase Party, colleagues purchased tickets which were put into a large draw. Near the end of September, all colleagues who purchased tickets gathered together with their suitcases packed and the three colleagues whose tickets were drawn were sent to three destinations that evening. The grand prize was a trip to Mexico, the second prize was a trip to Seattle, and the third prize was an overnight stay at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport. In 2017, our Suitcase Party raised a total of $1,060

Silent Auction:

Our colleagues worked together to provide items or services for the silent and live auction prizes. For instance, our Guest Services manager offered a personal training session, one of our chefs offered a personal dinner/brunch, and one of our Bellmen offered salsa dancing lessons. Some other prizes included stays at various Fairmont properties and tickets to sports day games. Over the course of two weeks, our colleagues bid on the silent auction items and the winners were announced on the day of the live auction. In total we raised $2,128.80.