Contest Alert: #WhyIWorkHere (November 3 – December 8)

Contest Alert: #WhyIWorkHere (November 3 – December 8)


#WhyIWorkHere is a tribute to the people that make your job easier.

#WhyIWorkHere is about the people who keep you sane in the middle of a rush.

#WhyIWorkHere is about your teammates who are more than co-workers. They’re family.

#WhyIWorkHere makes getting off at 3am not that bad.

When industry workers are in financial need, the BCHF has the hospitality industry’s back. But every day at work, it’s your co-workers, your extended work family, who have each other’s back.

In this spirit, join the #WhyIWorkHere contest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, that will run for just five weeks from Tuesday, November 3 til Tuesday, December 8, 2015.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Take a photo of yourself and your co-workers (must be more than one person in the picture).
  2. Share the photo socially and tag the BCHF on Facebook – or –  Twitter – or – Instagram with the hashtag #WhyIWorkHere
  3. One photo will be drawn at random from all entries, across all three platforms, with one prize awarded each week.
  4. Prizes will include gift cards and other goodies from great restaurants across BC. Entries will only count for the week in which they are posted.
  5. The winner will be the person who posted the picture. Hint: increase chances for your group to win by having more than one person post.

The goal of this initiative is to celebrate the bonds that are created within co-workers, friends and family across the hospitality industry in British Columbia.

Good luck!