Mitch Kinna
Culinary Scholarship

Hey Lucy!

Thats amazing news thank you so much!

Ahn Tran
Culinary Scholarship

My heart is racing reading your email. I feel incredibly honored and grateful. Thank you Ms. Lucy and all Professionals at The BC Hospitality Foundation to create this opportunity for people who work in this field. It means a lot to me!

Culinary sholarship
Younjung (May) Choi

My goal is to create diverse and new styles of cooking based on the primary skills I learned
at school, the Korean food culture I have, and my creative ideas.

Cherril Ledeatte-Matthew
Culinary Scholarship

I am very pleased to have been selected to receive a scholarship and am grateful for the opportunities that I know will arise as a result of this award.

Mandy Liu

My goal is to achieve my red seal in both baking and cooking. My dream is to become a well-known pastry chef somewhere in the world. Being awarded with this scholarship is a great honor, and I strongly believe that it will be a stepping stone leading me closer towards my dream!

Culinary Scholarship
Karen Brett
Greg King Scholarship

So  humbled  and  privileged  at  the  same  time  to  be  receiving  the  scholarship.  I  am  now  inspired  more   than  ever  to  keep  pushing  for  the  better.  More  power  to  everyone  who    help  make  our  dreams    one   step  closer  to  being  achieved.  

Hospitality Scholarship
Jewel Hand

This is such an amazing opportunity! Please keep inspiring students like myself with awards such as this!

Arel Eakins
Hospitality Scholarship

I am honoured to be recognized by the hospitality industry, and I really appreciate the educational support that this award has offered me. Thank you so much.

Aaron Smith
Hospitality Scholarship

It is an honour to receive this award, and as a future leader within the hospitality industry I aim to share my knowledge and passion to all of the professionals I meet.

Being a leader within this industry means that we show a passion for our career as well as a passion for educating and supporting others with their personal goals and dreams. i hope to give back to all future hospitality workers the same support and guidance that was provided to me that helped me to get to where I am today.

Hospitality Scholarship
Het Akshay Desai

My goal now is to look for an opportunity that allows me to train in various hotel departments, preferably through a management/leadership training program. This would be the perfect start for a great professional journey that would hopefully land me a top-executive level position in a reputable hotel management company.

Loni Johnson
Hospitality Scholarship

My goal is to satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit by opening a winery, additionally, pursuing consultancy work for wine tourism regions world-wide.

Moriah Davey
Hospitality Scholarship

I am thrilled to be chosen. This nomination is delight and on affirmation of my effort t make a positive impact within the Hospitality Program at Douglas College.

Qinghong (Fiona) Ma
Hospitality Scholarship

I am honored to be one of the recipients of the Hospitality Scholarship. This award not only fuels my goal to become a successful professional in the Hospitality industry, but also encourages my future involvement in meaningful voluntary events. I am genuinely grateful for the generosity and support that the BC Hospitality Foundation gives to young students like me!

Teagan Olmstead
Hospitality Scholarship

I can’t thank you enough! There is always a personal satisfaction with doing well in my courses but it means so much to be recognized for it, especially by an organization such as yours. Thank you very much!

Stevyn Wood
Hospitality Scholarship

I feel extremely grateful to have received this scholarship. All of my hard work and dedication finally seem to be paying off.

Acacia Hooker
Hospitality Scholarship

Truly appreciate the wonderful opportunity the BC Hospitality Foundation and their sponsors provide for young hospitality professionals like myself.

Alex Tong
Hospitality Scholarship

Alex will work as a food runner at the Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, British Columbia, which makes him feel really excited and looking forward to working with the new team.

Sommelier Scholarship

Jennifer Ellan
Shawn Jones
Erin Korspito
Matthew Landry
Michael Littleford

Melissa Lu
Ann Brydle
Suzanne Cody
Meghan McDowell
Aron Veen

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