bchf_buybenabeer_logoOn October 31, 2016, we launch Buy Ben a Beer. The goal is to raise $50,000, to help at least ten (ben)eficiaries across BC. Donate now at buybenabeer.com and share your posts using #BuyBenABeer.

Who is Ben?

We all have a ‘Ben’ in our life. Ben is the person who makes your daily coffee at your favourite corner café; the person who helps you take your bags to your hotel room; or is your favourite server at your local pub or restaurant. Anyone can be a Ben. Ben is someone who would be missed if they weren’t part of your day. 

Buy Ben A Beer is a virtual fundraiser that helps real people.

It’s the Bens across British Columbia who give their service to us every day, to make our lives more comfortable; and with a smile. Now, we need to help the Bens in our community when they are facing their times of need. Let’s take care of those that take care of so many every day. This is our chance to Buy Ben a Beer.

In that spirit, everyone should “Buy Ben a Beer”. One ‘beer’ can really brighten up Ben’s day. We know from when we join a pal for beer that it’s not the beer itself, but it’s the connection that people share when the get together, and the offer of support. If one beer can brighten a day, imagine how it would change an entire life, if you bought a round for the entire room….

At Buy Ben a Beer, virtual beer can be purchased with a minimum $5.00 donation. Tax receipts are issued for donations of $50.00 or more. The goal is to raise at least $50,000, to help approximately ten people with $5,000 in beneficiary support.

This money could be used to cover the cost of medical equipment, prescriptions, transportation to therapy appointments, or to cover shortfalls towards housing, food or other expenses until the beneficiary is able to return to work.

The secondary goal is to establish a groundswell of support and awareness that will allow the BC Hospitality Foundation to expand the program in successive years, raising incrementally more funds each and every year.

Visit buybenabeer.com now and share your support on social media. #BuyBenABeer