40-Day Challenge

Starting April 19 | Finish line celebration May 29, 2022


The BC Hospitality Foundation invites you to join this year’s #HospitalityHustle.

Help us unite British Columbians to raise awareness for the Foundation, promote healthy lifestyle choices and have some fun.

How To Get Involved

1) Register for the event

2) Challenge Your Friends and Family Members

Challenge your friends and family members to participate with you and get moving.

3) Set a Personal Fitness Goal

Set a personal fitness goal and choose any form of physical activity you wish: Basketball, Biking, Dancing, Gymnastics, Hiking, Running, Swimming, Tennis, Walking, etc. This goal can be a private goal, or you can share it to keep yourself accountable.

The average person walks 4km per day during their normal day.
On average 4km is equal to 40 minutes
In 40 days, you could log 160 km or 26.6 hours of exercise!

We know some of you are natural-born athletes, but for those of us that prefer buns of cinnamon to buns of steel… we’ll meet you just above average! Mmm…cinnamon!

4) Submit Your Weekly Progress (minutes or km)

Submit your completed minutes or km weekly. Help BCHF achieve our goal of uniting communities across British Columbia. We’ll send out a weekly email on Mondays with a link to log your progress (anonymously). Our “collective” progress map will be updated weekly with the accumulated efforts from participants to see how far we can get.

5) Post a Donation Request

Post a donation request to encourage your friends a family to donate to BCHF to support our overall fundraising goal. Social media images and suggested content will be provided to help you promote it. It’s easy, just copy and paste.

6) Share your progress and HAVE FUN!

Share your progress and have fun. Exercising with friends is way more fun. Share your progress with photos/videos on social media and tag #HospitalityHustle to connect with other participants.

7) Join Us At The Finish Line

Join us online at the Finish Line Sunday, May 29 at 2pm. We have some fun prizes to give away!

Help complete the route around BC – 16,608 km

Why this number? Based on our map 5,536 km takes us on a loop around BC.

But we like a challenge and think we can triple that!


0 Kilometres

This link is open all the time, you can add your progress every day if you prefer!