BCHF Beneficiary Gives Back in Song… and You Can Too!

With a new lease on life, Vancouver crooner Bobby Bacchus has released a holiday CD featuring 10 seasonal classics, with partial proceeds going to the BC Hospitality Foundation and to Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis research in BC. Purchase your copy (one for $13 or five for $55), by contacting Darcy Murdoch directly HERE. They make great stocking stuffers!

Meet Darcy Murdoch

Dec 7 - Bobby_Bacchus1

Darcy has come back strong after a successful double lung transplant. You might have heard of his stage name – Bobby Bacchus – he has a voice like silk and sings in an elegant crooner style. Watch him perform the classic ‘A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’ below:

Darcy, a veteran hospitality worker, lived a rowdy restaurant worker lifestyle – he drank, smoked, and partied hard. And like many in the industry, he lived from cheque to cheque, not thinking about his future. In June 2011, he was diagnosed with a severe lung condition called Pulmonary Fibrosis that left him unable to work. The only option for treatment was a double lung transplant. At one point, and without a donor in sight, he was given less than a year to live.

After exhausting his funds, and with nowhere else to turn, he discovered the BC Hospitality Foundation, a charity he had never heard of before, through an employer he had at the time. The BCHF gave him enough money to pay his bills and focus on his health until he received his life-saving operation. His surgery was completed in January 2015 and in his own words he “feels completely reborn, grateful to be alive, face new challenges and make plans, something I could never do before.” Watch his video testimonial from December 2014 below:

Darcy says, “the BCHF is an amazing organization. The support I have received from them was incredible. The assistance I received allowed me to reduce my overall stress and focus on maintaining my health and recovery.”

Now, with a new lease on life, Bobby Bacchus wants to give back.

An in-demand performer, actor and musician, Darcy is passionate and eager to share his experience with the hope that it will inspire others. He regularly donates his time to visit with his fellow patients at Vancouver General Hospital and is donating his talent towards two charity Christmas concerts this December. The BCHF is inspired by his reciprocal support for the community and industry that helped him when he needed it the most.

Darcy offers this piece of timely advice, “People need to know about the BC Hospitality Foundation. In my situation, I didn’t plan to fail, I simply failed to plan. The hospitality industry is such a social industry and you don’t always think about the future. I encourage people to spread the word about the work of the BCHF. When I reached out to the BCHF, they were there in a second. Their support was outstanding.”