On Sunday, November 17th Bruce James and fellow bartenders from Doolin’s Irish Pub will strip down for the second annual “Magic Bru (Part Deux)” burlesque charity performance at The Cellar Night Club,with all funds benefiting the BC Hospitality Foundation.

In May of 2011 James, bartender at Doolin’s Irish Pub, was facing financial hardship due to a serious medical condition.  James, father of three, was forced to take a four month leave from work.    Since hospitality members rely predominately on their tips for income, James was left with a huge loss of income and a family to support.  Friends and coworkers organized a fundraiser to help him through the crisis, and the BCHF matched every dollar raised.  “The BC Hospitality alongside friends and family helped me get back on my feet, and that is why I am dedicated to helping someone else in need… The BC Hospitality foundation simply provides financial aid where the government does not,” said James.James will bepaying it forward by hosting a night of burlesque to raise funds and awareness for the local charity.

The VanDolls, a local professional burlesque troupe, along with staff, donate their time and talent to make the night a success.  The VanDolls welcome a variety of different attendees outside the industry crowd, all wanting to help those in need. “We wanted to put something together that would appeal to industry people as well as a wider audience, and that’s where the VanDolls come in, they are very well known amongst the burlesque community.  They give us the credibility that the show needs to be a success,” exclaimed James.

November is an important month for the BCHF, as a large number of donations are collected around the holidays. Many of their events rely on a strong turnout of industry attendance to raise money.“I wanted to give back but I didn’t want to do your average fundraiser. I wanted to do something awesome that people would actually be excited about,” James said excitedly.


James’ unconventional fundraiser hopes to shed new light on the need for this charity amongst the hospitality industry. “It’s important to raise awareness because even someone young and seemingly healthy can get sick. You never think that sort of thing will happen,” James added.


Tickets to this wild fundraiser are available online at or at the door with a minimum $10 donation.  All proceeds go to the BC Hospitality Foundation towards helping an industry member in need. For more information, please visit or call 604-605-4343.

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The VanDolls are a local burlesque troupe who performed professionally throughout the lower mainland at venues and festivals such as the Biltmore Cabaret and the Vancouver Burlesque festival.