As stated yesterday, we are a month and a handful of days away from our #HospitalityHustle – so we thought we'd share a few pieces of information about our "finish line" celebrations on May 31st! Hosted by @manabouttownent ⠀️ First, we would like to state that social distancing should be at the forefront when training in your community. Please follow the guidelines we have been given and respect you and your neighbours' space⠀NOW – What you need to know:⠀–Starting from when you wake up on May 31st, we challenge you to walk or run 5km, dance for an hour, skip, prance, skateboard or take a 10km bike ride 🏼‍♂️🏻‍🦼🏾‍♂️🕺🏾– Later at 7:05 PM, just after celebrating our amazing first responders and health care professionals in the city, @manabouttownent will go live on @twitch! — Please create an account prior to the day so that you can enjoy the stream without stressing about making one last minute ⠀We'd like to thank @manabouttownent once more for hosting a few weeks back on Twitch for his FUN-RAISER FRIDAYS and raising over $750 for the #BCHF