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Volunteer opportunities for summer 2018 events

If you can help at any of the events below, please contact lucy@nullbchospitalityfoundation.com. Thank you!

Saturday, June 23 – Chef meets BC Grape – See Ya Later Ranch – Okanagan


  • Volunteer needed for set up, registration and tear down

Sunday, July 1 – A&W float fundraiser @ Vancouver Canadians – NOONER

We have a unique opportunity to sell floats at a Vancouver Canadians game, with all of the proceeds going to the BCHF.  We will be able to sell 1000 floats, at a minimum of $1 each.  This is a call for volunteers to help out as we will require:

  • One person to be The Great A&W Root Bear (GRB).  Duties include: throwing the ceremonial first pitch, leading the Chubby Chicken Dance, presenting the cheque to our charity and entertaining the audience.  Obviously, we need someone with the right personality for this and ideal measurements are 5’8″ – 5’11” in height with a size 10 shoe.  Measurements much different than that will not work with the costume.
  • One person to escort the GRB around.
  • One person to “work the line” to let people know how much the floats are (a great opportunity to collect extra donations!) and what to expect when they get to the front of the line (as there’s a lineup from the first one served until the last one served).  This person should also be a strong salesperson with a guest orientation
  • One person to collect money for the floats (good math skills)
  • 6-10 others to do everything from prepare cups, lids, straws, spoons, root beer, ice cream and take-out trays for larger orders

It’s a fun day where we get to make a lot of people happy and collect a bunch of money for the BCHF – a win-win!

Included with each volunteer position is a complimentary t-shirt (so please let us know your t-shirt size) and ticket to the game (which you’ll be able to watch after we sell out of floats – usually by the 3rd or 4th inning). 

Tuesday, July 10 – BCHF Vancouver Golf Tournament @ Westwood Plateau

  • 10 am – 9 pm
  • Set up, staffing holes for sampling, silent auction
    • Volunteers working all day will be invited to stay for dinner

Saturday, July 29 – Brewery & the Beast – Concord Pacific Place

  • 12:30 – 4:30 pm
  • 50/ 50 ticket sales

Tuesday, August 28 – BCHF Victoria Golf Tournament @ Westin Bear Mountain Resort

  • 10 am – 9 pm
  • Set up, staffing holes for sampling, silent auction
    • Volunteers working all day will be invited to say for dinner

Two cooks laughing together at the door of the coffee shop
Volunteering for BC Hospitality Foundation

Volunteers are the heart of any successful charitable organization. With our reliable, passionate volunteers, the BCHF can make sure financial support is available to people in our industry. We could use help on any of the following initiatives:

  • Help out with our signature events either by participating on a committee and helping year round or helping on day of the event. Some people do both! This can be in various capacities from securing sponsors to hosting the registration table. Whatever you want to do, we can make it happen.
  • Volunteer opportunities exist throughout the year at the BCHF’s various events. Jobs include event registration, working the coat check, and sharing information at trade show booths. The main qualification is a great attitude and the desire to help the industry’s own charity. Join us.
  • Are you a graphic designer, website expert, photographer, social media guru? No matter your expertise, we could use your help.

To volunteer fill out the form below or contact Lucy Cayuela or phone 604-986-3256.