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Like many charities, the BCHF’s fundraising model, which relies almost entirely on events and social engagements, has been turned completely upside down due to COVID19.

Lucky for us, the hospitality industry has so much heart and passion; we have already had some long-standing liquor manufacturing and retail partners come forward with turnkey fundraising initiatives; as well, the team behind BCHF (ED, BOD, IAC, etc.) has worked tirelessly to generate new compelling programs to raise money. That said, this terrain is new, and it takes a whole village, so please don’t hesitate to offer your support, and be on the lookout for our calls-to-action in the months to come. By keeping the image of the people we help at the forefront of our vision, we are confident in our capacity to survive these challenging times.

Our monthly donors provide the Foundation with reliable income to accomplish our goal of helping hospitality workers when the need it most.

You keep us going strong!

Donations currently range from $5 to $225 a month!

Monthly Donors

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