Memorable Moments Campaign

Memorable Moments Campaign

Every day we interact with hospitality industry workers who make our day better. How many times do you cross paths with:

  • Your barista’s attention to detail when preparing your morning coffee
  • Your server’s smile when asking if everything is to your satisfaction
  • The chocolates delicately placed on your hotel bed by housekeeping after a busy day working or enjoying your holiday
  • The friendly bartender chatting with you while pouring your favourite beverage
  • The welcoming feeling you get when entering a tourist attraction or take a guided tour

The BC Hospitality Foundation is launching the “Memorable Moments Campaign” to recognize how our everyday life is touched by beautiful interactions with hospitality workers.

Hospitality workers take pride in their job. Sometimes, as any of us, they (or a family member) come across an imminent financial need due to a medical situation, be it a broken ankle or a cranial helmet for a young baby, a sleep apnea machine, transfer to an out of town maternity facility or medical treatments. WE are here to help them recover by easing their financial stress so they can get back to work.

How much would you donate to make sure that hospitality workers are able to get back to work when a medical situation strikes them or their family?


Sharing your morning coffee happy feeling…


Friendly smiles that welcome you to restaurants, bars, hotels, tourist attractions…


Behind the scenes … (dedicated people make the memorable moment happen even if you don’t see them)