Industry Advisory Council

The BCHF Industry Advisory Council will support awareness and revenue generation activities throughout British Columbia. The group will consist of individuals from a wide range of hospitality-related industry sectors.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Participate in an orientation to the BCHF
  • Lend their name and credibility to the BCHF, and act as an ambassador on an ongoing basis
  • Provide advice on strategy for both awareness and revenue generation initiatives
  • Champion initiatives within their industry sector


  • Pay an annual BCHF membership fee of $50.00 (which helps cover meeting expenses) due November 30th of previous year
  • Attend two meetings per year.  Meetings are approximately 2 hours in length and may include lunch and/ or a reception
    • the AGM, typically held in May
    • a year-end meeting, typically held in November
  • Participate in a minimum of three BCHF activities a year.  Example of these activities include:
    • Purchase and help sell tickets to a proprietary event
    • Volunteer at a proprietary or third-party event
    • Arrange for your company to participate in one of our proprietary events
    • Donate to one of our proprietary auctions or lotteries
    • Help sell tickets to one of our online lotteries
    • Become an active member of a BCHF committee
    • Become a monthly donor and encourage others to do the same

For more information contact:

Dana Harris
Executive Director
Phone: 604-986-3262


BC level tourism – Lucas Pavan – Tourism Vancouver
Beneficiary – Darcy Murdoch
Beverage Industry Logistics – Hussain Askari – Wine vault
Brewery – Ken Beattie – BC Craft Brewers Guild
Brewery – VACANT
Catering/Events – Debra Lykkemark – Culinary Capers
Chef Concierge – Curtis Slade – L’Hermitage Vancouver
Coffee –  Lisa Hess – Nespresso
Education –  Jarrett Bachman – Fairleigh Dickinson University
Education – VACANT
Food Supplier – Michael Audet – Sysco
Food Supplier – Justine Harrison 
Friend of the Foundation –  Alan Sacks
Friend of the Foundation – Terry Duzenberry
Hotel – Tamara Quinn – Marriott
Hotel – VACANT
Industry Association – Lesley Brown – HQ Wine + Spirits
Industry Association – Trevor Kallies – Canadian Professional Bartenders Association
Legal – Shea Coulson – McMillan
Marketing – Conner Galway – Junction Consulting
Marketing – Trish Morelli – Kamloops Wineries Association
Marketing – Alana Dickson – Aurillia
Marketing – Leeann Froese – Town Hall Brands
Media – Kurtis Kolt –
Media – Tim Pawsey – Hired Belly 
Restaurant (Independent) – Jenna Briscoe – Cafe Medina
Restaurant (Independent) – Margot Baloro – The Listel Hotel
Restaurant (Independent)  – Lisa Haley – Hayley Writes
Volunteer –  Maik Uhlmann
Wine Importer – Ted Lattimer – IVSA
Winery Domestic – Tony Stewart – Quails’ Gate
Winery Domestic – Leslie D’Andrea – Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery