Meet Our Beneficiaries

The BCHF is the hospitality industry’s charity, supporting and inspiring those who serve you every day. We help those who most need it, often in their most difficult hour.

As they cope with stressful medical situations and the extraordinary costs arising from them, we come alongside to support them and their families. Their stories of struggle and triumph inspire us to work together to help our own within the hospitality community.

The BCHF provides financial support beyond conventional medical plans, EI, or other insurance or benefit plans. We are often the first glimmer of hope for these members of the hospitality community.

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Beneficiaries By Year

Benefits Awarded YTD $92,400

Kevin | Hotel, Osoyoos

Miranda | SPA, Victoria

Ugo | Pub, Vancouver

Karlan | Restaurant, Vancouver

Shawn | Restaurant, Vancouver Island

Theresa | Restaurant, Radium Hot Springs

Shalyn | Restaurant, Kelowna

Shannon | Restaurant, Lower Mainland

Heather | Restaurant, Lower Mainland

JuSang | Hotel, Vancouver Island

Dom | Bar, Lower Mainland

Ronny | Distillery, Lower Mainland

Michael | Restaurant, Lower Mainland

Rosemary | Restaurant, Lower Mainland

Mackenzie | Coffee Shop, Vancouver Island


Benefits Awarded YTD $63,700

Shalyn | Restaurant, Kelowna

Jan | Restaurant, Vancouver

Ryan | Restaurant, Vancouver

Kristine | Restaurant, Vancouver Island

Vanessa | Pub, Vancouver Island

Mo | Tourism, Vancouver Island

Sean | Bar, Lower Mainland

Jake | Restaurant, Lower Mainland

Poppy | Restaurant, Vancouver Island

Brian | Restaurant, Kelowna

Laura | Restaurant, Whistler

Kaitlyn | Winery, Okanagan Falls

Amber | Agency, Vancouver Island




Benefits Awarded $55,931

Seshagiri | Hotel, Vancouver

Norman | Restaurant, Vancouver

Donald | Restaurant, Clearwater

Dawn | Tour Operator, Vancouver

Jon | Bar, Vancouver

Dale | Restaurant, Vancouver

Connor | Brewery, Kelowna

Michelle | Media, Vancouver

Julian | Winery, Summerland

Corinna | Brewery, Langley

Kaitlyn | Winery, Okanagan Falls

Michel | Restaurant, Whistler

Benefits Awarded $45,185

Rita | Server, Vancouver

Terry | Cook, Vancouver

Caitlin | Server, Kelowna

Carolyn | Server, Vancouver

Andrea | Hotel, Richmond

James | Tourism, Parksville

Dana | Server, Qualicum Beach

Willem | Server, Victoria

Pascal | Tourism, Vancouver

Deepika | Restaurant, Kelowna

Arya | Restaurant, Kelowna

Sarah | Restaurant, Whistler

Confidential | Vancouver

Rhona | Server, Castlegar

Stephanie | Server, Osoyoos

Benefits Awarded $83,430

Diana | Server, Vancouver

Natalie | Server, Vancouver

Mitchel | Server, Vancouver

Selena | Server, Victoria

Cynthia | Server, Revelstoke

Mary Jane | Housekeeper, Vancouver

Sarah | Server, Vancouver

Bobbie | Server, Langford

Toni | Server, Chilliwack

Doug | Server, Vancouver

Megan | Server, Victoria

Michelle | Server, Vancouver

Julie | Server, Whistler

Sandra | Cook, Lilloet

Sheldon | Chef, Terrace

Jacqueline | Server, Vancouver

Renee | Server, Vancouver

Jason | Server, Victoria

Laura | Cook, Langley

Nolan | Server, Victoria

Terry | Chef, Summerland

Dawn | Tourism, Vancouver

Kaitlyn | Bar, Coquitlam

Arturo | Cook, Vancouver

Tibor | Winery, Peachland

Diane | Cook, Kelowna

David | Winery, Okanagan

Benefits Awarded $102,980

Sean | Server, Victoria

Cheryl | Owners, Kelowna

Navveer | Server, Surrey

Robert | Server, New Westminster

Karen | Server, Sun Peaks

Serena | Housekeeper, Kelowna

Twyla | Housekeeper, Prince George

Ian | Server, Vancouver

Edgar | Housekeeper, Vancouver

Robert | Server, New Westminster

Travis | Night Auditor, Tofino

Robert | Gulfstream Restaurant, Kelowna

Annie | Head Chef, Sun Peaks

Irmy  | 100 Mile House

Minerva | Housekeeper, Vancouver

Axel | Bartender, Vancouver

Julie | Server, Vancouver

Justin | Brewery, Vancouver

Eileen | Hotel, Chilliwack

Leaf | Restaurant, Kelowna

Lyndon | Restaurant, Kelowna

Warren | Hotel, Osoyoos

Andrew | Pub, Coquitlam

Sean | Hotel, Courtney

Jennifer | Hotel, Vancouver

Bonnie | Restaurant, Cranbrook

Tasos | Restaurant, Port McNeill

Aaron | Restaurant, Vancouver

Tiana | Restaurant, Vancouver

Elias | Housekeeper, Vancouver

Kyle | Bartender, Vancouver

Jocelyn | Server, Vancouver

Devon | Hotel, Vancouver

Benefits Awarded $131,120

Zach | Server, Vancouver

Sherry | Server, Victoria

Tim | Bellman, Victoria

Waldemar | First Cook, Vancouver

Dominika | Server, Vancouver

Mykhailo | Bartender/Server, Vancouver

Jason  |Server, Victoria

Stephane | Server, Vancouver

Ellen | Houskeeper, Victoria

Krystle | Server, Vancouver

Michael | Restaurant Manager, Vancouver

Rossana | Houskeeping Managerr, Vancouver

Manuel | Cook, Whistler

William | Janitorial Worker, Victoria

Natali | Housekeeper, Vancouver

Cindy | Food truck owner, Vancouver

Gordon | Husband of server, Cranbrook

Ventura | Housekeeper, Kamloops

Julia | Server, Victoria

Kristina | Cook, Pender Island

Blair | General Manager, Nanaimo

Jeffrey | Bartender, Vancouver

Hailey | server, Victoria

Caryn | Manager, Summerland

Dawn | Bartender, Vancouver

Shelley | Owner, Courtney

Angelo | Head housekeeper, Kelowna

Matthew | Bartender, Osoyoos

Gerry | Front Desk Agent, Victoria

Juan | Server, Vancouver

Hannah | Server, Vancouver

Alan  | Server, Vancouver

Bettyanna | Server, Burnaby

Eleane | Server, Vancouver

Adam | Owner, Kelowna

Tim | Server, Yaletown

Benefits Awarded $121,935

Matthew  | Restaurant Worker, Richmond

Michael  | Journalist/Editor, Vancouver

Luke   | Cook, Langley

Ralf  | Liquor Store Worker, Vancouver

Valerie  | Cook, Whistler

Chris  | Bartender, Vancouver

Sarah  | Restaurant Worker, Whistler

Rachel  | Bartender, Vancouver

Richard  | Food Service Sales-retired, Kamloops

Michael  | Viticulturist, Osoyoos

Josh  | Restaurant Server, Vancouver

Steven  | Restaurant Worker, Vancouver

Andrew  | Cook, Vancouver

Gord  | Dishwaser, Victoria

Genieve  | Server, Vancouver

Bonnie   | Bartender, White Rock

Aja   | Server, Vancouver

Rick  | Meat cutter, Vancouver

Billy   | Forklift Operator, Kelowna

Melissa  | Sr. CSM, Kelowna

Lucy  | Assistant Manager, Whistler

Ian  | Chef, Vancouver

Megan  | Server, White Rock

Aaron  | Server, Sooke

John  | Prep cook, Vancouver

Frances  | Front Desk Agent, Victoria

Amy  | Server, Vancouver

Tina  | Cook, Coquitlam

Aja  | Prep Cook, Kelowna

Serge  | Banquets, Vancouver

Dustin  | husband, Peachland

Benefits Awarded $114,000

Hiro  | Convention Centre Worker, Vancouver

Rossana  | Hotel Worker, Vancouver

Melanie  | Restaurant Worker, Kelowna

Shannon  | Server, Vancouver

Anna  | Housekeeper, Prince George

Kyle  | Bartender, Vancouver

Audrey  | Educator, Kimberley

Irvin   | Club Bartender, Vancouver

Lyndon  | Restaurant worker, Kelowna

Bernice  | Hotel Worker-retired, Vancouver

Don  | Hotel Worker, Kelowna

Tim  | Hotel Worker, Vancouver

Shelley  | Hotel Worker, Kamloops

Marcio   | Server, Vancouver

Tina  | Baker, Mission

Wes  | VP Sales, Cobble Hill

Angela  | Dishwasher, Campbell River

Natascha   | Server, Vancouver

Nouria   | Server, Vancouver

Jayne  | Bartender, Server, Vancouver

Benefits Awarded $85,535

Bernie  | Hotel Employee, Vancouver

Paul  | Winery Employee, Kelowna

Carol  | Hotel Worker, Richmond

Paul  | Pub Owner/ Operator, Kelowna

Tina  | Chef, Vancouver

Ronald  | Hotel Worker, Vancouver

Dane  | Bartender, Vancouver

Melanie  | Restaurant Cook, Vernon

Tanelle  | Pub Worker, Langford

Jack   | Hotel Worker, Kelowna

Michael  | Hospitality Media, Vancouver

Justin  | Restaurant Manager, Victoria

Wendee  | Hotel Manager, Osoyoos

Ian  | Restaurant Worker, Vancouver

Becky  | Restaurant Worker, Whistler

Serge  | Hotel Worker, Vancouver

Josh   | Bartender, Vancouver

Darcy   | Private Catering, Vancouver

Jessica  | Server, Nanaimo

Eric   | Server, Vancouver

Rachel  | Restaurant Manager, Vancouver

Brooke  | Server, Vancouver

Andy  | Restaurant Worker, Vancouver

Steve  | Wine Director, Vancouver

Kelly   | Server, Vancouver

Benefits Awarded $53,500

Vicki  | Liquor Store Employee, Nanaimo

Trevor  | Restaurant Worker, Vancouver

Julie  |  Server, Pender Island

Nolan  | Chef, Nanaimo

Lynn  | Pub Worker, Nanaimo

Tina  | Restaurant Worker, Ucuelet

Oracle  | Restaurant Worker, Vancouver

Amber  | Restaurant Worker, Langley

Jean   | Restaurant Worker, Maple Ridge

Owen  | Chef, Vancouver

Stephen  | Pub Worker, Coquitlam

Tyler  | Restaurant Worker, Vancouver

Veronica   | Restaurant Worker, Qualicum Beach

Tim  | Brewmaster, Victoria

Ian  | Chef, Qualicum Beach

Karen  | Restaurant & Pub Worker, Victoria

Cole  | Restaurant Worker, Vancouver

Terry  | Restaurant Worker, Penticton

Benefits Awarded $53,000

Kim  | Food Supplier Employee, Coquitlam

Janice  | Wine Agency Employee, Chilliwack

Ashlyn  | Daughter, Hotel Worker, Kelowna

Shelley  | Food Service Sales, Chilliwack

Jim  | Pub Worker, Whistler

Alicia  | Restaurant Worker, Nanaimo

Dave  | Pub Worker, North Vancouver

Frank  | Hotel Bartender, Vancouver

Sarah  | Resort Worker, Invermere

Bruce  | Pub Worker, Vancouver

Glen  | Server, Victoria

Teresa  | Restaurant Worker, Vancouver

Benefits Awarded $59,000

Sara  | Hotel Cook, Victoria

Dawn   | Private Caterer, Vancouver

Matthew   | Cook, Salmon Arm

Anika  | Cook, Kamloops

Teresa  | Journalist, Vancouver

Darlana  | Restaurant Worker, Coquitlam

Zaanneta  | Bartender, Ladysmith

Sherry  | Pub Worker, Langley

Charlie  | Son, Bar Manager, Vancouver

Kevin  | Banquet, Coquitlam

Benefits Awarded $25,000

Frank  | Cook, Vancouver

Brenda   | Wife, Restaurant Manager, Vancouver

Nathalie  | Banquet Supervisor, Vancouver

Charles  | Restaurant Manager, Vancouver

Benefits Awarded $24,500

Anne  | Hotel Employee, Vancouver

Winnie  | Foodservice Supplier, Vancouver

Rebecca  | Daughter, Restaurant Workers, Penticton

Wendy  | Pub Worker, Nanaimo

Benefits Awarded $50,000

Michael  | Wine Agent, Vancouver

Beneficiaries By Location

Beneficiary Map

Get To Know Us


A graduate of Northwest Culinary Academy, Steven was working at The Pear Tree restaurant when he fell ill in January 2016. One morning he woke up to no feeling in his feet, the paralysis moved through his body and he immediately underwent surgery to remove a growth on his spine due to a rare staph infection. Faced with a 6 month recovery period Steven turned to the BCHF who supported him through his recovery.


Originally from Sydney, Australia Andrea was in a snowboarding accident, which led to breaking his left leg and requiring surgery. Prior to the injury he was working at Burdock & Co. As an amputee (right leg) the injury to his left leg was more serious than most. The BCHF was able to help Andrea after surgery during his recovery so he was able to return to work at Burdock & Co in full health.


Sarah immigrated to Canada 15 years ago from England and as an avid snowboarder took up residency in Whistler. However, due to osteoarthritis due to her love of snowboarding she required a double hip replacement, which meant taking a break from working at Rim Rock Casino as a bartender, and Roland’s Creekside as a server. With both her recovery and the seasonality of Whistler in mind, the BCHF was able to support Sarah during recovery before returning part time work in early March of this year.


Ralf applied for assistance to the BCHF in late December 2015 with the hopes of acquiring the necessary medical equipment after multiple foot surgeries after his left foot virtually collapsed. Prior to reaching out to the BCHF Ralf worked at Viti Wine and Lager as the General Manager. With help from the BCHF Ralf will be able to focus on getting back on his feet.


Michael has been part of the hospitality landscape as senior editor of Vancouver Magazine’s food and drink section, as well as, as managing editor of the Westender. Before taking on a new position with Glacier media to edit the debut edition of The Alchemist Michael was diagnosed with cervical dystonia, a rare neurological disorder that affects the neck muscles and produces painful spasms and postures. Michael’s condition is even more rare with his neck spasms backwards compromising his sleep. A doctor in New Mexico is an expert on the disease and the BCHF matched funds from a Go Fund Me campaign to help Michael learn how to live with his diagnosis.


In January of this year, one month after marrying his sweetheart, a lump was found and Luke began fighting Stage 3 cancer with rigorous chemotherapy treatments. His new wife was new to the province from the east and working a part time job. Luke has been a chef at Milestone’s Langley for three years and on January 27th Milestone’s held a fundraiser for Luke. His friends and family also set up a Go-Fund-Me campaign. The BCHF matched funds from both initiatives to help Luke.


Genieve suffered three concussions in less than a year and a ruptured eardrum on the set of a student film resulting in headaches, blurred vision and slurred speech. She was unable to take care of her guests at Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar because of her post concussion syndrome symptoms. Recovery for Genieve meant rest, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology and supplements to treat the brain. The BCHF was able to provide financial support to Genieve until she was able to return to work part time.


Bonnie has worked in the hospitality industry for over 42 years, mostly recently at Sawbucks Pub in White Rock as a bartender. As a widowed mother of three, Bonnie sought support for her oldest daughter’s medical needs when a fire occurred at and shut down Sawbucks Pub for renovations through the Spring and Summer of this year. The BCHF was able to provide a subsidy for the family’s living expenses until Bonnie was able to resume work at the reopened Sawbucks Pub.


Billy has been a valuable Gray Monk Estate Winery employee since 2008. In January 2016, he experienced pain in his arms, which was determined to be a worsening spinal cord condition. Intense pain forced him to leave work for two months. Passionate about his work and industry, Billy elected to have surgery as soon as possible, receiving successful treatment in Seattle. Financial assistance from the BCHF allows Billy and his wife to cover expenses and focus on recovery until he returns to the workforce.


Valerie moved to Whistler two years ago and began working at La Brasserie as a server, while enjoying the slopes. Due to a snowboarding injury in November 2015, where Valerie suffered an incomplete fracture of her T12 vertebra she was forced to take time off work and focus on recovery in Vancouver. With the help of the BCHF Valerie was able to return to Whistler after being at GF Strong with a positive prognosis of being able to start work again after 6 months versus the original year proposed by her doctors.


In May 2015, Rick, a veteran in the hospitality industry, contracted strep pneumonia and bacterial meningitis. He was rushed to the hospital where he was immediately put on full life support and placed into a medically induced coma for 4-and-a-half weeks. During this time he developed sepsis and necrosis causing his hands and feet to turn black due to lack of circulation. His limbs were amputated to save his life and Rick applied for help with the BCHF to help fund a pair of myo electric hands. In June 2016, his friends and family held a fundraiser in Coquitlam that the BCHF was able to support through matched funds.


On January Michael was diagnosed with acute liver failure and was in need of a transplant immediately. As senior viticulturist at Constellation Brands and a past chair of the BC Wine Grape Council Michael’s work in the wine industry has been integral. The BCHF was able to provide matched funds based on the YouCaring page that had been set up for his transplant to take place in Taiwan. Michael got his new liver in February and is well on his way to a full recovery.


One October, Melissa and her husband Ryan woke up to find their two-year-old daughter Julia unable to walk or move. It was determined Julia suffered from a spontaneous hematoma (blood clot) that left her with a spinal cord injury. Melissa left her job as the Senior Conference Manager at the Delta Grand Okanagan in order to take care of and ensure Julia gets to her treatments in Vancouver each week. The BCHF was able to help provide funds in partnership with Spinal Cord Injury BC that will help Julia get treatment at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Washington, DC.


Josh was working at Oru Resturant in the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel when he was attacked in downtown Vancouver in October 2015. The attack included a punch to his head that did serious damage to his face and brain. On February 22, Josh’s coworkers held an event to raise funds for him as his recovery is set to take at least a year. The BCHF matched funds for the event his coworkers organized.


Aja has been working in the hospitality industry since her teenage years and is currently a full time server with managerial duties at Locus Lounge in Vancouver. In Spring of this year Aja tripped in Gastown and landed on her forearms resulting in two broken elbows. The BCHF helped with her expenses during recovery, which included physiotherapy. Aja was happy to return to work performing light duties as she continues to get stronger.


Chris started bartending at The Diamond in March 2015. In December 2015 his leg snapped as he was bending over to pick something up resulting in surgery plus at least 4 months of recovery before the screws can be removed and full recovery can begin. With at least a year of physiotherapy ahead of Chris, The Diamond held a fundraiser in December 2015 and the BCHF matched the funds raised to help with his expenses until he was able to return to work.